Friday, July 31, 2009

Event raising syntax

Syntax for event raising is kind of awkward across the line, and for good reason, there simply is no really good way of doing it since an event always has to be positioned to the of an event attachment or detachment (+= or –=).

Just from the top of my head I think the way it’s done (or rather one of the ways you can do it) in Rhino Mocks is something like this:

var foo = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IFoo>();
foo.Raise(x => x.SomethingHappened += null, foo, EventArgs.Empty);

I think (I have not implemented this yet so I’m not sure it works) that I just came up with a rather different and maybe simpler way of doing it for Legend.Fakes. If it’s simpler or not I’ll leave up to you, but there’s a definite benefit in that it’s type safe on the event argument:

var foo = A.Fake<IFoo>();

// with sender explicitly:
foo.SomethingHappened += Raise.With(foo, EventArgs.Empty).Now;

// with the fake object as sender:
foo.SomethingHappened += Raise.With(EventArgs.Empty).Now;

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