Thursday, January 3, 2008

My first post!

This is my first blog post, yeah, you heard it the first ever so I'll just say some quick words about this blog. My intention is that this blog will be about systems development, first and foremost on the .Net-platform, but also a lot about object oriented architecture in general.

I guess I should give a short presentation about myself to, I'm thirty years old, born and raised (and still living) in the town of Helsingborg in the very south of Sweden.


I've been working as a consultant for the last couple of years but since a year or so back I'm employed as a systems developer at a travel agency called Sembo ( Before Sembo I'd almost exclusively written in C# for the .Net-platform, however I've done my share of com-programming in vb6 and earlier, at Sembo I do most of my programming in VB.Net.

Well, I guess, enough about me, the next post will probably be a bit more interesting...



PS. I couldn't find a decent picture of myself so I had to go with a not so decent one. These are two of my favorite colleagues however, very nice girls. Who's foot it is? No idea! DS.

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